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ISO 9001:2015
DCL Ceritified
No. CL20020745
Approved Consultant
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About Us


At Sheridan, we sell specialized building materials used in the waterproofing and construction industry. Based in the UAE, we have built a strong reputation based on perseverance, integrity and trust. We continue to strive towards excellence and provide the best customer experience to maintain our standards and create a satisfying customer experience.

Our team comprises a highly capable group of individuals that are experienced and well knowledgeable in their respective fields. Our reputable quality has led us to expand our business throughout GCC, Africa, and Europe.

Product Range

  • Waterproofing (membrane-primers-bitumen emulsion-damp proof course)
  • PVC Waterstop & Acessories
  • Sealants & Backing Rod
  • Insulation & Protection Materials
  • EIFS-ETICS Tools & Accessories
  • Injection Material & Tool
  • Coatings & Concrete Products
  • General Building Materials

High Quality

Delivering highend solutions and products tailored to our clients

Best Price

You’ll get your moneys worth with prices that cant compete.

On Time Deliveries

We do our utmost to client satisfaction and ensure on time deliveries.

Marketing Support

We offer our contractors unparalleled support including merchandising, data sheets, products submittals, catalog assistance, co-op advertising, trade show, direct mail support and lead generation to name just a few.


Simply put, you know what you’re getting from our latest building materials, waterproofing, thermal insulation, and commercial technologies. We deliver high-quality products consistently, year after year. Customers receive on-time deliveries, backed by a wide range of standards compliances and partnerships.