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ISO 9001:2015
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Injection Packers are Used for Injection of Material Into Cracks

INJECTION PACKER is made of metal or plastic and has a rubber sleeve that expands when tightened to hold the packer firmly in place. Materials flow through a grease nipple fitting at the tip of the packer and through a one way valve into the crack. The packers can be used in conjunction with a grease gun filled with Crackshot-150 or a high pressure pump. The injection packer stops materials from flowing out of the packer after injection and during the curing period. Suitably sized holes are drilled into the concrete at the required spacing, depth and angle to intercept the crack in the concrete or to protrude out the back of the concrete in some cases. The Packer is then placed in the hole and tightened with a wrench to expand the rubber or plastic sleeve. This seals the opening to prevent any injection materials from leaking out. Because the seal is tight around the packer, much higher injection pressures are possible.

Injection Performance

Easy to inject, can use at low temperatures; single component grouting, simple construction, easy to clean up

Application Range

Subways, tunnels, reservoirs, underground structures, hair-like cracks, construction joints, expansion joints, cracks ,site improvements, harbor construction, floor and other upgrading works.

Sealing agent applied

Water Base Polyurethane, Oil Base polyurethane, Epoxy Resin

Packing (Pcs/Carton)

INJECTION PACKERS is available in 13×75, 13×85, 13×110 & 13×115 mm.
1000-15000pcs / Box.



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