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Gypsum and Ceiling Products

Mineral fiber tiles that are attached directly to an existing drywall or plaster ceiling. Ceiling tiles offer an affordable way to add beauty and appeal when designing virtually any space and come in a variety of patterns.
Fibre Cement Boards made usingHatchek process enabled with unique HPSC (High Pressure Steam Curing) Technology offers superiorresistance to moisture, termite, and fire unlike other conventional wood based reconstituted material like Plywood, Particle Board, MDF etc
NEOFIX JOINT COMPOUND is a ready to use filler for use as a patching and jointing compound for gypsum boards. It gives a high quality, even surface for painting.
Joint tape is composed of twisted strands of fiber glass woven at right angles to one another for reinforcing drywall joints. It is suitable for hand or mechanical application with Jointing Compound.
Furring channel is a hat-shaped corrosion resistant framing component used to furring outmasonry walls and ceiling assemblies.
Main Channel sections are cold roll formed from zinc coated steel strip it is the primary member (C channel) for Conventional Ceiling metal framework.
The track may be fixed on the surface of ceiling and floor by gunpowder nailing. Choose the track of different width according to the thickness of wall.
The C Studs are the vertical framings used for Partition and Liner Systems with a friction fit between bottom and top tracks. The C Studs have exceptional coatings that prevents it from gradually rusting overtime. They are very easy to install and can be tailored in accordance to a project's requirements. They arespecially designed to accept for one layer and multi-layer Gypsum Plasterboards.
Wall angle is a multipurpose 90˚ or 120˚/135˚ galvanized angle used in dozens of framing applications. Some of the most common applications include lapped framing conditions, soffit framing, floor and ceiling runner, chase wall construction and laminated gypsum drywall partitions.
This product is an acrylic copolymer based putty. It is weather resistant high build stucco which provide smooth surface for subsequent painting system in Exterior and interior decorative finishes.