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PVC Concrete Tile Spacers are used to maintain distance of tiles from the floor surface, they are available in 14mm and 17mm high and allow water to run away from the deck underneath.
Fibre Concrete Spacers ensure correct concrete cover before and during concreting. They are characterized by high compressive strengh and excellent chemical and physical resistance.
NEOFAB Polyester Reinforcing Fabric is a stitch-bonded polyester. Used in waterproof Coatings and liquid-applied systems. The soft, flexible fabric is designed for use around penetrations, or roof mounted equipment, curbs and seams, to improve tear strength, puncture resistance, and crack bridging capabilities.
Membrane and Floor Protection Sheet
Geotextiles is typically made from Polypropylene or Polyester. Geotextile Fabrics come in three basic forms: woven (looks like mail bag sacking), needle punched (looks like felt), or heat boded (looks like ironed felt).
Polythene or polyethylene sheet is commonly used as a damp-proof membrane with over site concrete for all but severe conditions of dampness.