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ISO 9001:2015
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No. CL20020745
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Bituminous Protection Board

NEOBOARD is a tough, semi-flexible prefabricated protection board, composed of mineral fortified bituminous core, held under pressure between two asphalt saturated carriers.


Protect waterproofing against construction traffic, other trades, and impact of back fill soil.
Compatible with almost all waterproofing membranes such as bituminous, EPDM, TPO, PVC and coatings such as acrylic, polyurethane, epoxy and others.
Resistant to salts and chemicals normally found in soil (Chlorides, Sulphates, and Phosphates).
Rot-proof, un-affected by emersion in ground water, and impervious to water.
Excellent resistance to puncture & normal site conditions.
Can bridge over gravel embedded roof surfaces, and can be bent to normal contours while maintaining rigidity, due to being semi flexible.

Form of Supply & Storage

NEOBOARD is supplied in sheets 1M X 2M in standard thicknesses 3mm,4mm, 5mm and 6mm. Boards should be kept stored in pallets placed on level surfaces under shade or cover. Stack no more than two pallets high.


The surface to receive the protection board is normally one which has been waterproofed. The waterproofed surface must be clean, free of any debris, or sharp protrusions. Apply NEOBOARD protection board directly on the waterproofing membrane as soon as practicable.

Horizontal Application:
Butt together all protection board panels and cut to fit all intersecting and protruding surfaces. Cover joints with joint tape if desired. Ensure subsequent ballast layers are applied as soon as possible following protection board application.

Vertical Application:
Protection board is temporarily held in place by spot bonding to the waterproofing membrane using hot asphalt or compatible adhesive. Stagger joints a minimum of 15cm and overlap boards approximately 1cm-2.5cm. Cover joints with joint tape to prevent backfill particles from damaging the membrane. Backfill immediately, using care and caution to avoid damage to waterproofing system.


NEOBOARD is used as a protection layer over waterproofing applications on bridge decks, parking garage decks, terraces,
tunnels, foundation walls and slabs, and wet room floors. The tough durable nature of the product makes it ideally suited to withstand the shock and impact of backfilling and paving as well as normal on-site traffic, concreting, or other toppings.



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