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Advanced Solution for Wet Areas System

Waterproofing of wet areas such as toilets, washrooms, kitchens and balconies is critical on account of the constant use of water. The points of leakages are weak areas such as wall joints, joints between cisterns and pipes and faulty piping materials that corrode. If the moisture spreads through the floor or walls to the concrete, it can cause extensive damage to the rebars embedded in the concrete. Thus, it is important to have an impermeable barrier over the concrete to prevent the spread of moisture.

Range of Products

NEOINJECT WS-1C (One Component Fast Foaming Polyurethane Injection Foam)

is a one component, solvent-free, low viscosity, fast foaming polyurethane injection system. It rapidly reacts upon contact with water to form highly expanding stable foam.

NEOINJECT EP200 (Epoxy injection Resin for Structural Bonding of Cracks in Concrete Elements)

provides for permanent bonding of smallest cracks and crack ramifications in masonry and concrete constructions due to its low viscosity on one hand and high adhesive tensile strength and inherent strength on the other hand.

NEOPRIME PU (Polyurethane based Primer Sealer)

provides a clear coating onto cementitious substrates making them dust proof, and resistant to the penetration of oils and chemicals. When cured if forms a hard coating with excellent adhesion to concrete and metal surfaces.

NEOSEAL PU (Polyurethane Based Waterproofing Coating)

is a single component liquid waterproofing material, which after polymerization forms an elastomeric Polyurethane membrane, resisting UV rays and capable of handling severe building movements and deformations.

NEOFLOOR ANTI-SLIP 4 (Anti-Slip Aggregates for Epoxy Resin and Polyurethane Flooring Systems)

is used to make the surface rough to increase the mechanical bonding between PU and tiles.

NEOTILE (Cementitious, Polymer Modified General Purpose Tile Adhesive)

is a grey cementitious powder modified with specialty polymers and additives to comply with International Standards. It is perfect for fixing ceramic tiles, porcelain tile, natural stone, artificial stone and quarry tiles.

NEOGROUT CTG (Colored Cementitious Tile Grout)

is a fine coloured highly polymer modified powder which, when mixed with water, gives a smooth, easily applied creamy paste for clean grouting of ceramic tiles and natural stone.. It sets to a decorative water-resistant finish.

NEOTEX – AF (Pure Acrylic Protective Coating with Anti-Fungal Properties)

is a single component, high performance acrylic co-polymer based coating, designed to offer excellent long term waterproofing characteristics and resistance to UV degradation, whilst remaining flexible to give excellent crack bridging ability.

ELEMENTS NS 639 (One Component Neutral Cure Silicone Sealant)

is a single component, neutral cure silicone sealant which is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This is a high bonding, low modulus sealant and offers durable adhesion to most porous and non-porous substrates including glass, metals, coated and painted metals, plastic wood, concrete etc.