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Wet Areas Waterproofing System

Advanced Solution for Wet Areas System Waterproofing of wet areas such as toilets, washrooms, kitchens and balconies is critical on account of the constant use of water. The points of leakages are weak areas such as wall joints, joints between cisterns and pipes and faulty piping materials that corrode. If the moisture spreads through the...
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Modern Combo Roof System

What is Combo Roof System? It is multi-layered system comprising of waterproofing and thermal insulation in one roof. Modern Combo Roof System is a highly efficient system that includes waterproofing, thermal insulation and finishing of roof. This 3 in 1 fast curing solution for all roof problems, is certified by Dubai Central Laboratory (DCL) for...
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A Comparison Between Water Based & Solvent Based Concrete Release Agent

Release Agents Release agents perform the key task of preventing bonding of material to mold. They also perform additional functions during the molding process such as reducing production time, facilitating cleanup and extending the life of the mold. Concrete Release Agents Release agents are needed during concrete production to prevent concrete from sticking to the...
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