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Injection Materials

Epoxy injection Resin for Structural Bonding of Cracks in Concrete Elements and Construction joints
Microfine portland cement for rock and soil injection
One Component Fast Foaming Polyurethane Injection Foam
Polyurethane Based Elastomeric Resin for Permanent Sealing of Cracks
It is a low-viscosity, acrylate gel system formulated to produce a highly resilient, elastic, waterproofing gel.
It is a polyurethane-based expansion resin that reacts rapidly to form high-strength, closed-cell foam.
Instant Leak Plug / Rapid Setting Waterproofing Plug
Injection Packers are Used for Injection of Material Into Cracks
Re-injectable Grout Hose
Reinforcement Injection Hose Pipe Use in Injection System
PU Tube use for connection with Injection Flange