ISO Certified
ISO 9001:2015
DCL Ceritified
No. CL20020745
Approved Consultant
200+ Approvals


Pure Acrylic Protective Coating For Metal Surface

NEOTEX – SP [M] is a single component elastomeric radiation control, high performance acrylic polymer emulsion coating, it contains quality ceramic and silica particles in high grade latex emulsion. It dries by evaporation to yield a tough velvet finish non yellowing water repellent surface with exceptional abrasion resistance and UV degradation, whilst remaining flexible to give excellent crack bridging ability. When applied to rust will immediately convert iron oxide to iron phosphate upon contact preventing further rusting problems. It contains ceramic particles these particles are the heat dissipating elements in NEOTEX SP (M) that makes it elastomeric radiation control coating that gives it the ability to save on cooling cost. It is applied to yield a tough water tight membrane. It takes all tinting except black.


Temperature reduction up to 45%
Reduces roof degradation up to 80%
Converts rust
Waterborne abrasion resistance
Energy Saving
Mildew resistance
Labor time and cost saving
Cleanup with soap and water
Waterproofing properties
Excellent adhesion to most of the substrates.
Can be applied over existing systems.
Excellent build properties. Enable application to horizontal and vertical surfaces.


NEOTEX – SP [M] is available in 20 Kg Pail.

Areas of Application

Very high radiant heat reflectivity and very low thermal conductivity to provide wonderful thermal insulation effect
Very good sound isolation effect for reduce the sound of rain drop outside
Good durability and weather ability
Excellent water resistance property to permit no other waterproofing construction
Water based and environment friendly contain no heavy metal and other hazardous substance
Good adherence to cement, wood, metal, fiber etc.



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